Frequently Asked Questions.

Unlike traditional online travel agencies we are not beholden to rate parity agreements. This is a legal agreement between hotels and online travel agencies, leaving out the consumer. In the agreement, will guarantee to use the same rate and terms for a certain type of room, and this is without regard to the distribution channel or platform. This red tape does not help consumers get the best possible rates and this practice is not transparent.

Concierge Level members take advantage of huge commissions paid to us for low season, last minute and even advanced reservations (Think Summer family vacations, Spring Break, Holidays). Luxury hotels pay us larger commissions and the same goes for upgraded rooms!

Any School is eligible to have their Concierge Level platform available to parents and faculty. Certain schools qualify to have all setup and monthly payments fully waved. Click HERE to see if your school qualifies

Concierge Level looks for the adventurous outgoing influencer who has an engaged following that will convert to paid memberships and participate in fundraisers that you promote. Every time someone travels, you receive a commission, every time you sign on a new paid membership you will receive either $20 per month or $200 per year. Your membership sign ups are tracked through affiliate codes you can use through email, on your blog, on social media, or anywhere you are promoting Concierge Level memberships. Not only that, but you will enjoy a full membership for yourself and your loved ones to enjoy FREE of charge (A $XXX Value) AND we even build a landing page for you.

No. Schools can provide access to the platform to an unlimited number of parents.

As many as they want. Schools (influencers) can generate their own codes and we will make available ready-to-edit materials they can use on email campaigns, websites, etc.
Each school will have one membership that allows for unlimited links to be created, and also allows for up to 10 employees or associates to use it personally and obtain full membership discounts, as well as access to the WEEKS program where resort condos are available for as little as $250 for the whole family for the whole week.

Every time a parent or associate travels, the school earns Reward Credits that can be used “like cash” on purchases from dozens of stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, etc. A single trip can earn hundreds of dollars on Reward Credits. Additionally, if parents (or followers) upgrade to a paid membership schools receive either $20 per month or $200 per year.

The credits earned from travel (BOOMERANGS) can only be redeemed by trading it towards gift cards, up to $1,000 each time. We have Amazon, Walmart and hundreds more options, so basically there's no limit on what they can acquire. Our Boomerang split rates are set.
Schools join for free, for every $100 saved vs any Online Travel Agency’s prices, Concierge Level keeps $25, the school keeps $25, influencers who are helping a fundraiser keep $25, and travelers save $50. It’s truly a win for all.
When you upgrade other travelers to a paid membership or purchase a paid membership for yourself, through a fundraiser with Concierge Level, we give the school you are raising money for a paid commission.
Full paying members (schools, influencers, parents, travelers) get to keep 50% of the savings and the other 50% is saved by travelers using Concierge Level at any membership level.

To change or cancel one of your existing reservations, click on the View Reservations link. From there, you will be able to see all of your current and past reservations. If the reservation has not yet occurred, you will have the opportunity to click Cancel or View in order to update any information. If you would like to contact our Concierge department with a specific question about your reservation, please click on Messages next to the appropriate reservation. Please note that if a reservation has already occurred, you will not see the Cancel link. Click here for more information about service.

Concierge Level returns full paying members our commission as a large travel agency back as an instant discount (Up to 65% in hotels). Now you can share these amazing benefits with friends, family, coworkers, etc by sending a simple link to access our platform for free. The difference is that they will get half of the savings (Still an amazing 30%-35%!) on their travel. The other half goes back to your Reward Credits account. Earn hundreds in a single trip!
Schools and Influencersuse this platform to raise funds.

Imagine a program that rewards you for taking a vacation or sharing your privileges. Our exclusiverewards program helps you earn reward credits every time you or your family/associates travels, or someone uses your boomerangs to travel.
Redeem your credits on hotels, cars, cruises,gift cards, and much more.

Concierge Level grants its paying members, schools and influencers, access to live inventory of thousands of Vacation Clubs, timeshares and Luxury Condominiums in a Weekly basis, starting as little as $250 for the whole family for the whole week


In response to covid19 we ask that travelers engage with our platform virtually with our partners and influencers to have amazing and awesome experiences. These awesome experiences will be facilitated and sponsored by Concierge Level. This is a great way to maintain social distancing in quarantine while still managing to have fun and learn about future travels. We ask that influencers in various niches join us to create interesting and engaging events online. We encourage influencers who are chefs to host culinary events that include the topic of cooking across the world or cooking across the United States. Djs and musicians can create world music sets for guests. We also ask that travel influencers talk about their journey’s with Concierge Level members and to help them plan for the ultimate in travel. This is a time for airlines, hotels, and other businesses within the travel industry to host virtual conventions facilitated through our platform to get the word out about the latest in travel and what the future holds in travel. We ask that travel agents or our partnering properties host virtual tours of their properties. We want to explore technologies with you that open up our world even more and offer the luxury travel experiences directly from the safety and comfort of the home, as a precursor to what is to come in real life. Tech and travel are not mutually exclusive.

**Covid19 fundraiser CDC covid19 fund?

Savings of up to 38% on worldwide hotels compared with online travel operators.
Parents who choose to invest in the full membership receive double the savings and receive enhanced service including access to personal concierge and travel agent.

School administrators enjoy unlimited full access to our wholesale platform, which means double the savings for all employees (Up to 65% in hotels) . Also 10 Guest Passes per year are provided to allow for recipients to enjoy full membership benefits in 1 booking. Expert Group Travel Coordination including negotiated rates at or below wholesale prices on hotels and resorts. Perfect for sports teams!

Once the school is registered from you will have access to your school admin dashboard along with different options to customize your school page/ URL (as, shareable links, marketing support materials, and other details.

Is not easy to come up with fundraising ideas. CLIC “ends the ask” by using the shopping power of parents who would normally make online travel purchases.

Other features like our travel news emails also automatically remind parents of key travel seasons and special offers so that the team administrator doesn’t need to remind other members to shop.

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