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Who We Are?

Concierge Level is a travel club that offers a wealth of opportunities to those who wish to travel more while saving, raise funds by offering others the best deals, and exploring new places that intrigue them…

We offer wholesale prices on every kind of travel we can because we want to see people enjoy places they might not otherwise get to go. 

Our Story

As travel enthusiasts ourselves, we were blown away by the idea that there’s actually another layer of rates that only a certain traveler had access to…as we dug deep, we found out that these ‘wholesale’ rates where available to travel clubs and their members…

We knew we had to empower fellow travelers who wanted to have fun while helping their friends and family save more on their travels.

By partnering up with big name hotels and service providers, we've built an online platform that connects you with the amazing discount packages and deals that allow you to win cash back.

That’s not it, we went a step further and created a system where you could share these amazing travel packages with donors, parents, and supporters and use the rewards you receive to raise funds for your school, non-profit or team.

Our goal is to help spread happiness by sharing rewards, cash-backs, amazing discounts and off course – travel!


Families love our week-long vacations because we pass amazing prices on to you, freeing up your cash for excursions, entertainment and (dare we say) luxury foods you only get to eat while on vacation.

Look over our extended stay prices and allow the tingling sensation sink in that this year, you might even get to go to that place your family has been dreaming about!


Frequent travelers will love our steep discounts too. Not only will you save money going to the places you’re already planning for; you’ll earn a ton of Reward Credits for every trip you take.

Because you probably also know people who travel as much as you do, you’ll have the option to get paid every time they travel, through our exclusive Boomerang Rewards program.

Fundraisers with A Knack For Travel…

Those who are a part of non-profits, schools, and teams and wish to raise funds – Concierge Level presents them with an amazing opportunity by making fundraising hassle-free.

Now, you don’t have to sell cookies or chocolates! You can have your donors, teachers, and followers enjoy discounts and gain reward credits to convert them into funds!

what’s not to like?

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