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We are currently partnering with organizations, sports teams, and schools to offer donors, parents, and fans a FREE limited membership that saves up to 35% on hotels while meeting funding goals. Every time they use the free program to save on hotels or upgrade to our premium membership, they raise funds!

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We've cultivated lifelong relationships with hotels, venues and wholesale travel service providers from across the globe so that we can double your savings!


Enjoy Resort Style condos for as little as $ 249 for the whole week! Enjoy all the benefits of a timeshare, without the upfront price, the high maintenance costs or life-long commitments. With Concierge Level’s Test Drive feature, you can see all the timeshare weeks available. Focus on making memories in a fully-serviced apartment on a popular beach. Ski, sightsee, and enjoy every moment.

Boomerang Rewards

Happiness is best when shared. Keep sharing the joys of affordable travelling by giving your friends and family an incredible discount when they book wholesale travel experiences with Concierge Level. Better yet, half of their discount will be deposited into your personal rewards account! Not only can you keep saving up to 65% on hotel stays with us, but half of the commission we are entitled to is passed onto your friends and family as an instant discount. As always, the other half is YOURS to spend as cash on our platform, Amazon, or Walmart. Cool, huh?

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By joining Concierge Level today as a Charter Partner, up to 10 of your associates, employees, or staff members will enjoy access to the premium membership benefits, including the unlimited Condo Weeks program, Personal Travel Agent, And Concierge Services!

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Selling cookies, holding bake sales, and offering car washes is outdated! Raise more funds for your non-profit or school by earning redeemable reward when a free member travels or when they upgrade to a full membership! credits.

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Got a knack for traveling? Leverage up to 65% discounts on hotels into instant discount and enjoy week-long vacations with your friends and family for as little as $250. That’s not it, share our plans with others to earn massive Travel Rewards.

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You will be raising funds by sharing a simple link on your regular communication pieces like email, snail-mail, social media, or any other marketing campaign you utilize.

We will provide you with proven marketing templates to use on your campaign.

You may have your very own personalized and customizable landing page to reflect your organization's personality, or you can direct them to this main page to register and log in. The choice is yours!
Your donors, parents, and fans will enjoy FREE access to our limited platform, where they will enjoy half of the commissions we receive from the hotels in the form of an instant discount. We then split the other half 50/50 between your organization and us. That's what we call Boomerangs!!!

Everybody wins!

How Can We Do That?

We know you're scratching your head right now, wondering how we can offer such great deals on travel to luxurious locations you've been dreaming of compared with all major online travel agencies (OTA's) like Expedia®, Travelocity® or Hotels.com®

Here's how we do it…

All Online Travel Agencies are ruled by what is known as Rate Parity Laws, a legal agreement between hotels and online travel agencies in which the hotel guarantees to use the same rate and terms regardless of the distribution channel, both direct and indirect. The price is the same no matter where you look, even on the hotel's very own website!

That law does NOT bind concierge Level because we are a members-only platform, and our prices are not visible to the general public.

Additionally, we have partnered with the largest timeshare exchange companies to provide our members with access to fully equipped family suites and apartments at low rental prices without the known downside of ownership commitments and booking limitations.

How It Works

We know you’re scratching your head right now, wondering how we can offer such great deals on travel to luxurious locations you’ve been dreaming of. Our Concierge Level travel club status allows us to get wholesale prices on every type of travel option you can imagine, and we’re committed to passing these deep discounts on to you.
Here’s how it works…

Create An Account

Apply for a free membership today and get a chance to receive a special coupon that you can then start raising funds. Book your travel to your favorite destinations at a fraction of the cost you’re accustomed to.

Start Raising Funds

Start sharing our amazing travel packages to your donors, supporters, and fellows to earn reward credits on every travel plan they purchase. Share the boomerang link via email, social media or use our promotional materials to get a customized landing page.

Pay Wholesale Prices

You or anyone you refer using your link gets to travel to the most desirable locations around the world on wholesale pricing. If you find cheaper prices somewhere else, we’ll provide a 110% refund! Everything we list includes taxes and fees so you don’t get any last-minute surprises at checkout.

Receive Travel Rewards

With Concierge Level Travel Rewards, you’ll receive rewards that can either be exchanged in cash towards travel in our platform or traded for gift cards from large retailers such as Amazon or Best Buy. And you receive recurring commissions when a Boomerang member upgrades to a full membership.

Give Yourself the Concierge Level Advantage!

Lowest Rate Guaranteed!

As with Everything in life, some exceptions may happen. Charter Partners and premium members can rest assured of having the best available rate while traveling! And if a lower rate is available, we will gladly refund 110% of the difference!

Earn Rewards Credits!

Imagine a program that rewards you for taking a vacation or shopping online? Our exclusive rewards program helps you earn reward credits every time you travel or shop with. Redeem your credits on hotels, cars, cruises, gift cards, and much more.

Amazing Lifestyle Benefits

Beyond your exclusive personal concierge and travel agent service, Our Premium Members enjoy coupons and savings for everyday shopping, dining, and recreational activities. Enjoy the popular Gift Card and Shopping Rewards!

So, What Are You Waiting For? Apply for a FREE Charter Partnership TODAY!

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